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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
And... there it is:

"Crew members on the set of "Rust" used guns with live ammunition and engaged in a pastime called "plinking" hours before Halyna Hutchins was killed, founder and CEO of The Wrap, Sharon Waxman, told CNN's Don Lemon Monday night, citing information from an individual with knowledge of the set."
I'm still going to withhold judgment until the investigation is complete. There are already a lot of rumors flying around, and different people on the crew who are talking to the press are blaming different folks - some are blaming Alec Baldwin himself, some are blaming the assistant director, and others are blaming the armorer. I think one of the things you see from this story is that movie productions have office politics, just like any other workplace - and in a situation like this, people from that workplace start immediately pointing fingers at co-workers with whom they have baggage.

I can also believe that this is a situation where the correct answer is, "All of the above."
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