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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post

It does indeed. The story does seem to be gaining momentum though. Has it had any effect on you?
Sadly, folks are trying to grandstand on the tragedy. There are a number of politicians who want to sign CALIFORNIA legislation to ban the presence of live guns on any movie set in California, despite the fact that BOTH on set fatalities (I don't count John Erix Hexum because he was fucking around with a live 44 magnum with full load blanks during a BREAK IN FILMING and was technically off the set when he did the Darwin Award) happened in other states (New Mexico and North Carolina), however the idiots in charge want to outlaw ARMORERS in California.

Dumbest take I've seen on social media:
A woman I've been arguing with want to make it illegal for anyone to HOLD anything that looks like a gun on a movie/tv set and then have CGI artists put the guns INTO all the actor's hands after the fact in post production.......

Yep, someone actually proposed that ......
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