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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Guess it depends on whether it means a lot to you to have a grip with no finger grooves and/or an ambi slide release. Does your department even have plans to make a purchase of Gen 5s any time soon? Where I live, I still see most officers carrying Gen 4 Glocks, even though the Gen 5s have been out for several years now. I feel like the Gen 5s have not sold nearly as well to local and state law enforcement as the Gen 3s and 4s, though I'm basing that conclusion on observation, not data.
I switched the mag release to the right side of my pistol (since I shoot with my left) and I don't use the slide release lever (I use the overhand technique). I also prefer the finger grooves. They work for me. Since my last post I learned that my agency is switching over to the GLOCK Model 45 (9mm) and a few of our new officers are already carrying the G45.

The only detectives who are slated to get the G45 are the ones still carrying the various 45acp Glock models. Mostly the G36 and a couple are hauling around the G21! Those of us who carry the G19 will continue to carry it.

Eventually all the uniformed officers will carry the G45. A few detectives have asked if they can purchase the G45 and they have been told no; the G36 guys have to wait to be issued the G45. I don't think they would be able to get one right now even if the department said yes to private purchases.
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