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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
I'd like to see this as feature for our Facebook page, Best Gunfights of All-Time tournament bracket. Nominate 32 gunfights, with four regions, eight per region, with voting. One gunfight per film, and Michael Mann has to be his own region, otherwise the Elite Eight would just be Michael Mann films (like how Grantland dedicated an entire region to Duke players for their "Most Hated College Basketball Players of all time" bracket.)

If "Michael Mann" is one region, what are the other three? A John Woo region? A Westerns region?

Would would the number 1 seeds be? Potential Cinderellas? Do war movies count?

(Heat would have to come in first, right?)
That's a good idea. Now to be honest the whole tournament bracket thing has always defeated me. In other words I would be no good at actually designing one.

Yes Mann might need his own region. I think that westerns could be a region since some of the best gunfights are from westerns (or so I believe). I forgot Saving Private Ryan when I put my list together.I don't see why war movies couldn't have their own region. "Glory", "Battleground", "A Bridge Too Far", "Platoon", "The Longest Day", "Enemy At the Gates" ,"The Wild Geese" and "We Were Soldiers" are just a few that come to mind and I'm not even mentioning the various Korean, German, French and Polish war movies. I guess science fiction/comic book movies might be their own category ..... region (sorry). Then there are action movies. John Woo is good, but so are many of his peers from China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Boy it's making my head hurt. If you want to give it a go I will help out where I can.

Let me know. Good idea though. Could be lots of fun.

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