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In other news: I received my replica N1 CAR stock from Brownell's today. It turns out that it doesn't fit my DPMS lower. I didn't realize this, but DPMS buffer tubes are apparently commercial spec, not mil-spec. So, for now, I'm gonna have to wait on actually using the CAR stock until I can buy a Colt 6920 mil-spec everything lower (which is preferable, anyway), ideally with an "LE"-prefix serial number.

Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post
Correction it's a 733 upper. I'm not sure who made it. There are no manufacturers marking on it. Possibly a good thing as when I got it there was a CAR-15 flash hider rockset on it. I found that out after I cut said flash hider off. Thankfully the threads were fine. The receiver is 'A2 spec so it is sort of a frankenupper in any case. I bought it because I wanted a retro style upper to test out. So far the thing is Impressivly accurate for having 'A2 Irons. The only thing it chokes on is Russian steel cased 5.56 with some sort of nasty coating on it that clogs the chamber.
Ah, that makes sense (hence your reference to doing a pistol build). Have you checked the receiver markings inside and out, or just outside?

What's the brand of your Russian ammo (I assume not Wolf)?
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