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Originally Posted by Rockwolf66 View Post

I found a Colt 723 clone upper for my AR15 pistol. I'm not sure if I should find an Appropriate mount for an Aimpoint or get a clone of the old Colt Scope. I like the old school colt scopes but for the price an Aimpoint is slightly cheaper and easier to find.
Where did you find your Colt 723 upper (what manufacturer)? If you want my advice: I'd go with one of those Colt scope clones that Brownell's is offering for now. You can get a good discount if you know where to look (people post the codes on Arfcom), whereas an old-school Aimpoint is probably gonna cost you no matter what, since they're out of production.

I debated doing a Colt 723 or 727 build (especially after seeing Larry Vickers' 723 SFOD-D clone), but ultimately decided instead to tackle a1990s/early-2000s movie M4 as my next clone project because Brownell's had a sale on the 14.5" Colt 6920 uppers. This will be my second movie gun clone, after my "Sicario" Daniel Defense M4A1.
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