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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
I find it very irritating to be challenged by a CAPTCHA every time I try to load an image. It seems a bit ridiculous to challenge me EVERY TIME in the same session when I'm uploading new gun photos. Is there something we can do about that? I was gonna upload a bunch of new GUN pics but I'll wait until that can be resolved.

And since this 'upgrade' MY ENTIRE imfdb experience is much SLOWER than before. And I mean EVERYTHING. Viewing and loading pages. Even seeing myself on a forum post. everything loads like molasses (at least for me). It may be great for everyone else, but at this time, for me, the slow load times are stopping me from doing more contributions because I try to upload on the fly between jobs. Don't know why. It SHOULD be faster.
I've set it so that it will remember that you've entered a CAPTCHA correctly for a month. I can also whitelist any IP address you'd like so that you won't receive any security challenges.

The other issue we're having (which is a good one) is a sudden bump in traffic. Google seems to like the new setup and we saw a 15% bump in search traffic overnight a couple weeks ago - this is taxing the existing hardware. I'm looking into taking the entire site to a cloud based hosting system that can dynamically assign more resources as necessary.
Originally Posted by BurtReynoldsMoustache View Post
How much input does Chris Bunni actually give as far as these kinds of decisions go?
Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008
He doesn't. He just floats around and lets the members of the Imperium decide on the fate of condemned pages. He gave the membership the power and thus trusts us to use it wisely.......
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