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Originally Posted by Gunmaster45 View Post
One thing though, you don't neccessarily upload an image of the actor alone if there is an image already on the site where they are clearly seen using a gun. I think it would probably save more server space, although it does make it easier to make actor pages.... So I guess the choice is up to you.
Sorry, I completely disagree, many of the images on the page are selected because they show the GUN clearly, not the ACTOR. I started doing dedicated actor images because I tried a couple of times to get a decent shot of the actor's face and wasted too much time scanning through shots that were obviously picked because they showed clear and non-blurry shots of the gun. And in some of the shots the actor either looked like crap or they looked like someone else.

It doesn't take any more server space to add a decent face shot of an actor which doesn't have them wincing or blinking or blurry or sweating or doing something otherwise weird looking ... just because they have a gun in their hand.

If anyone is thinking about saving server space we should not have 10-20 shots of the same firearm per section, like we do on some pages.
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