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Default New film templates

I've noticed more and more that people are making their own 'film' templates and using them. And that's all fine and dandy, but is there ANYWAY to make it so that the movie POSTER aligns to the UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER of the page, like 90% of the other movie pages. That's why I Don't use the movie template. It saves very little time and the format looks jacked. When you put in a summary, it goes at the very top of the page. But when Bunni first instituted this site, the poster always went to the upper right hand corner of the page, which from a design point of view makes sense. Seeing the graphic design of the poster immediately brings you into the 'world' of that movie. (which is also why pages with no movie posters or cover art generally feel "empty")

So does anyone know how to fix the templates so that the poster aligns properly?
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