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I'm a sight snob too (in fact I'm pretty much a gun snob in general, though I see merit in just about everything), but I look for different things in my sights. I want the rear notch and the front blade to be wide enough to see, but still as narrow as possible, since it seems to provide me with a little more precision when aiming. Of course, this is sort of the antithesis of pretty much all the sights that are out now, large, blocky, and covered with dots (which don't generally bother me, but I can do without 3 dot or 2 dot type sights, unless it's a defining feature in the gun, like my 92SB), but, again, I am a damnedable gun snob who likes the way things used to be made, that are "true" to the original design, if you will. The 65 is certainly one of those guns.
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