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I've mentioned the Model 65 more than once on here, in fact, I was just talking about one in the DA Revolvers vs. DA Autos thread. My buddy has a 65-1 and I''m proud to say I've handled and shot it. It's a prime example of a "service revolver" and of the quality craftsmanship that Smith & Wesson used to put in their firearms. It's almost sad that he's going to have me try and sell it for him.

Oh yeah, the sights are referred to as "service sights" on S&W's website, I've never heard the term "trench sight" but it's an interesting term, where did you hear it? As far as them being "crude" is concerned, they are certainly not 3 dots, but relatively speaking, the notch is pretty wide and the blade front sight is too. Also, the model number has to be on there, since the gun has to be post 1950s if it's a Model 65, or anything that could resemble a Model 65. Tell your friend to open the cylinder and check under the "yoke" or the hinged portion, is supposed to cover, like here:

The serial number should be there, and if it's not, you either don't have a Smith, it was a grave mistake at S&W when producing the gun, or it has been filed away.

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