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Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
Just for some general info: Max is a genetically engineered fetus born by a surrogate mother. She's enhanced with feline DNA, so in addition to the usual super-soldier strength/memory/endurance/healing/peak human stuff she can see in the dark and jump very high. The downside is that she's got a bar code on the back of her neck that's like part of her DNA or something so she can't loose it. More worryingly, she can't produce enough serotonin, so she needs to get it from pills or drinking milk. Otherwise she gets seizures and might die. The feline DNA also means that she goes into heat thrice a year and starts looking for a guy to have sex with. Did I mention she's normally lesbian?
As an added bonus her blood can heal other injured persons, kind of like Claire on Heros.
Hanna's enhancements are a little more basic. I figured that she'd have more rod cells and fewer cone cells in her eyes, increasing her visual acuity and ability to see contrast (making her better able to see through optical illusions like camoflage, two-way mirrors, etc.), increased musculature in and around her eyeballs (allowing her to adjust the focal length in her eyes to take more accurate shots), and an enhanced metabolism (giving her greater-than-normal strength, endurance, and reflexes).
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