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On a 2nd look, I don't think it is a Starlight mount as I think you can see through the hole in the carry handle where the clamp would be. I think the scope is off of an M1C so is probably a bodged version of that offset mount.

I also found this image that I believe may be the exact same guy and gun:

The description on the source reads "Sergeant First Class J.D. Bath takes aim with his flattop M16 atop SOG's Leghorn outpost." I don't think it is necessarily a flat top mod though, as at the very least you can see it has a rear sight which the scope is offset on the left side of. It is hard to tell if the rest of the handle is there as it is in line with the scope body, but as on the first image you can see the front of the carry handle and on this you can see the rear, I think it is a safe assumption that it is still there.

My guess would be that the mount has been bodged around an intact carry handle, either to keep from having to modify the gun irreparably or to keep the existing irons as a 2nd set of sights.
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