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This sucks for H&K, but given some of their high-visibility contracts with other foreign governments (including the U.S.), I canít imagine this will hurt their bottom line. Whether it erodes their reputation in the long run is TBD.

Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
I'm just wondering if they're going to accept the loss with dignity or throw an absolute shit fit like Glock did when they were passed over in the MHS tender.
I wonder how thatís going to go for them? This isnít the U.S.; protesting a contract bid loss with the German government is a long and challenging process (and the Bundestag actually was planning to pass new legislation which gives the government more leeway in waiving EU requirements for competitive selection processes for ďnational securityĒ reasons, prior to COVID-19). Read up on how German Naval Yards and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems have protested their losing bid on the MKS 180 frigate program, and youíll see what I mean. Iím sure H&K will protest, regardless, but theyíve gotta know what a waste itís going to be.
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