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Originally Posted by Mazryonh View Post
How would we know that IMFDb played a part in it, though? Do we have people actually saying they looked up the database in order to ensure accurate representations of firearms in media they're producing?
I don't think that there's any straightforward way to assess IMFDB's impact on improving accuracy of firearms in Hollywood (unless somebody wants to start a SurveyMonkey questionnaire, or create a poll on the site). However, I can definitely tell you that at this point, most of Hollywood's armorers are quite familiar with IMFDB and are reading us on a regular basis, and some even use our Wiki to do research. If they're doing that, they're at least going to see that we pick up on inaccuracies in how firearms are portrayed and handled. That will in turn influence the recommendations that they make to the propmasters and directors.

Side note: I can recall at least two instances of armorers I know telling me that they worked on a production where a director requested a specific weapon because they saw it in another movie, and then looked up the movie on IMFDB to find out what type of firearm it was. One of those wasn't even recently (I think it was around 2015 or so).
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