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Originally Posted by Spartan198 View Post
General preference has been moving more and more toward accurate representation of firearms in media in recent years, with movies and games moving from OTT Rambo stuff to more accurate depictions. I'd like to think IMFDb helped play a part in it.
How would we know that IMFDb played a part in it, though? Do we have people actually saying they looked up the database in order to ensure accurate representations of firearms in media they're producing?

I would like to think that movie and TV show directors in media with firearms are moving away from silliness like the infamous never-ending ammo belt you can see on Arnold Schwarzenegger's arm in Commando. Even so, how much of the general American movie-going and TV-watching public actually knows enough of this stuff to complain? Or are they still mostly people who think of certain parts on guns as "the shoulder thing that goes up"?
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