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1) Nobody's banned dummy rounds specifically. It's illegal for Americans to export .50 BMG, and two different companies have refused to ship to Canada. I'm just assuming that's why, it might be coincidence. They might just be acting overcautiously.

2) I've looked at a lot of different dummies over the past month, some of them have holes in the side, some don't. Some have fired primers, some have no primers (I think one had fake unfired primers). Some you can get in a linked belt, most are singles. One has 'Barnes' engraved on the side.

3) I've decided not to get the ones from Cabela's. The store is a lot further out of my way then I thought it was, and they're stupid expensive anyway. They're not something I desperately need, it'd just be cool. Two companies saying 'you no can haz' only made me want them more, so I thought I'd see if anybody here knows.
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