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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Yeah, but .50 BMG is way too expensive for that. I did a quick Google search and found one retailer selling 100 rounds for $300 (though I can't claim to know any better deals, since I don't shoot .50-cal and have never tried to buy that ammo). If you don't own or shoot a .50 BMG rifle, it makes a lot more sense to just buy dummies that someone else has made from expended brass. The two dummy .50 rounds I own cost me a dollar - it was a two-for-one deal, which is common at gun shows.

I don't think mine do. I'm not at my place right now, but when I get home, I'll take them out and check to see if they have those holes. Do you mean in the side of the case?
That's what I said I have two US Millitary issue .50 BMG training dummy rounds.
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