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Thanks! I've already got a tweed cap, I'll try to pick up a jacket next time I'm at the second hand shop!

I picked this up last week - it's a Hi Standard Model B in .22 LR, made in the late 30s. I've wanted a first generation Colt Woodsman for years but this came up at half the price so I jumped on it! It's beautifully made (not quite a prewar Colt but way nicer than anything you'll buy at Cabelas) and actually comes apart easier than a Woodsman, and seems to be just as accurate. My first shot, using fairly cheap Remington Target ammo, took out the center of a playing card at 25 feet, and it generally holds twonie sized groups at that distance if I do my part. Didn't jam at all in the two boxes of ammo I put through it, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for the various 1911-22s and Sig Mosquitos I used to sell! The short grip feels compared to what I'm used to - if I ever come across a Model A or early HD with the long grip I might jump on it, but I'm still really happy with this one!

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