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Default Death to 'fake widescreen'

I'm getting more and more annoyed at DVDs where they have this really wide "Wide screen" and it's nothing more than the standard Screen CROPPED with black bars on top and bottom.

It's evident on the DVDs which have the full screen and "Wide screen" versions. The wide screen version is the FULL screen (4:3) version, only cropped. That's BS. Since the FULL screen version already chops off the left and right side of the image, we're getting LESS of the image, not MORE.

Movies I've seen do this, recently are STRIPES and T3. The Widescreen version is nothing of the sort. It's just a chopped down full screen image which means that there is still picture image to the left and right of the frame that we can't see since the theatrical release was true wide screen.

In screen caps, that's why so much of the guns are cropped off , literally from ALL sides of the frame.
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