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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
Why should we care about the nationality of the company that financed or distributed the movie? The actual MAKER of the movie is the production company. Also we're in danger of making IMDB so unwieldy with, let's face it, useless information that we will never get caught up.

I've given up trying to catch up. I used to dream of a day when we would get any and all entries on IMFDB fully cross referenced and complete. But there are too many NEW PAGE and NEW ENTRIES which are incomplete, flooding IMFDB every day.

I suggest a yearly freeze on new entries (perhaps for a few weeks) where people MUST help us complete and finish existing pages that are incomplete and cannot continue the floodgates of new pages without helping us fix old ones. But then that's just my opinion.
I've been doing my best to clear out the incomplete pages. I don't allow noobs to create incomplete pages, and I've been purging many of the existing incomplete pages. I usually give them two weeks in the delete category to see if anyone wants them before they get the boot. I've also completed a few of the incomplete pages on my own.
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