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Originally Posted by funkychinaman View Post
I was in a spirited discussion regarding production credits last night, and it brought up something I've been wondering for a few years: What does it mean when a production company is listed as "presents" or "in association with" like here?
Presents usually identifies the producer's company.

A funkychinaman Film

Evil Tim is the producer, though sometimes it is used in the hierachy of higher to lower level production companies.

A StanTheMan production of
A funkychinaman Film

Evil Tim is the top level company, usually involved in the distribution and financing. StanTheMan is usually the producer or the actual production company that shoots the project, and lastly Funkychinaman is the director.

"In Association with" can be seen two ways, a real alliance with another production company who took over half the work, or a 'gimme' vanity credit given to a producer's company that is a reward for acquiring funding or promoting the film.

A slight digression here:
Associate producer is a common 'vanity credit' given to people as a freebie for helping the production in some way. IN the MOVIE industry, it is almost a meaningless title, however in the TV industry, many times it is a real credit, since TV crews tended to make Assoc Producers actually WORK for their meals
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