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Originally Posted by Excalibur View Post
Basic Magpul MIAD because you can switch parts of it around and there's nothing wrong with getting a geissele triggers
So I actually ordered a BCM Mod-1. I stopped by Magpul's booth at AUSA this week, and I held some ARs fitted with MIAD grips. Decided I like the feel of the BCM better (based on my experience checking out BCM rifles at gun shows). Even though my rifle is already fitted with a lot of Magpul products, and even though my BCM charging handle was not the best choice, I intend to try out more BCM products moving forward.

For the trigger, I agree that I'm probably going to go with a Geissele SSA, as they're the semi-auto equivalent to the SSF triggers that are popular in SOCOM right now.
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