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Snapped a picture of my pig stickers:


Swedish M/96 (fits the M/38 Mauser)
Japanese Type-30 (fits both Arisakas)
British No.4 Mk.I*
British P'13 / US M1917 (fits the Enfield P14 and Trench Gun - neat in that it has both US and British markings, making it a British contract overrun that was restamped for US service)
Canadian Ross Mk.III
Australian P'07 (fits the SMLEs)
British P'88 (fits the RIC carbine and long Lee-Enfield)


Russian M91/30
US M7 (fits the Garand)
French M1886 "Rosalie" (fits the Lebel and Berthier rifle)
Canadian C7A2 (ok, technically that one's public property...)
Italian M1891
German S88/05 3rd Pattern (fits the Kar 98K)
spare British P'88
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