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Default Some questions about further updates

Hello everybody,

I would like to discuss a few changes and updates which I would like to do to the IMFDB and ask if this is ok.

1) I would like to create the following Sub categories: anti tank guns (like 5cm Pak 38 etc), anti aircraft guns (like 2cm Flak 38), combat vehicles (like M1 Abrams, M8 Grayhound etc). Is it ok?

2) I would like to add pages for tanks/amored fighting vehicles which appear in movies (like M4 Sherman which lists all used variants like M4A2, M4A1, M4A3E8). Most movie pages where tanks are used already have them listed, I would like to create a page for each vehicle in the same format as guns have their own pages.

3) After the two steps above I would go over a lot of movies and add the missing armored fighing vehicles (I have quite a bit of DVDs and Blurays) so this would be rather easy for me.

Are those things ok? I know this sounds like a lot of work but I need something to do in the next few months.
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