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Originally Posted by Evil Tim View Post
Was joking, but the Clinton AWB included "a grenade launcher" as a banned feature. Nobody could ever work out what the hell it was talking about and it's generally assumed it was trying to bag Yugo SKS rifles with grenade launcher sights under the mistaken impression they had detachable magazines.
Not sure it is that complicated, I always assumed it was just the idea that muzzle devices for rifle grenades were a feature of "military" rifles so were banned along with other "military" features like bayonet lugs, flash suppressors and folding stocks. In a lot of cases it is redundant though as the grenade launcher and flash hider are the same thing.

Where it gets really weird is the fact than in California the M59/66 is classified as a destructive device. I think the only reason for this is that somebody didn't read the brochure properly and though that the muzzle device had an internal diameter of 22mm and launched 22mm grenades out of it.
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