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Originally Posted by Jcordell View Post
ProMag is still making both 8 and 10 round magazines for the 4506 (all variants) and the 645. For those who might not be aware of this. The magazines in the photo appear to be all ProMag. They aren't S&W magazines, but the quality seems okay. I recently purchased a couple for my 4586 and 4516 through Midway. The mags stick out from the 4516, but they work which is all I want because they're for the range. I have a few genuine S&W magazines for both models.
Yup with the exception of the magazine closest to the camera and the one in the gun itself the rest are pro mags. Haven't had any problems with them myself not that I've really tried running them to failure.

Pro mag doesn't make mags, they make defective Pez dispensers.
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