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It's easy to understand why they picked it. Skyfall is part of one of the longest standing and most lucrative franchises in the film industry, it's a recent film, and Bond's PPK is one of the most ubiquitous movie guns. If you hadn't used proper grammar in that instance, it may have been overlooked, or worse, put in as an attempt to make gun enthusiasts seem less intelligent. Glad that wasn't the case.

It's really great to see liberal papers being objective about guns though, it really instills hope in the fight for the 2nd Amendment, and in the ever divided political system. I read another LA Times article not too long ago written right after the AWB sunsetted slamming it, so I give them credit for that as well. You can't help but feel even more sorry for California gun owners knowing that their media are on their side, and things still suck there.
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