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I haven't been working on my book because I'm working on this Tolkien-ish fantasy story. But I will work on it. Anyway, here's the scene where the crew land in the city:

Greg hopped out of the chopper and onto the ground followed by Ares, Rocco, and Johnny. He then scanned the sorrounding area for enemies. There were none in sight, but he scanned the rooftops and windows incase if they were hiding. The place looked like God had send his wrath specifically on this little town. Two small shops were caved in by rubble, and most of the dwellings were deserted and dilapitated.

He motioned Ares and Johnny to go forward. They did then scanned the area some more. Ares looked back at him and made an "OK" sign with his thumb and index finger.

"Alright boys, this street shows no signs of Renam-"

He saw something in the back of his eye. On an apartment balcony, there stood a man with a bandana on his head and in a black tank top holding a semiautomatic, russian made carbine, aimed at him. He was probaly Renamo, no, definately Renamo.


Greg felled flat on his stomach, aimed at the balcony, and fired a burst from his rifle. It hit the rebel right on his chest, the impact of the bullets pushing him back. Suddenly, another rebel appeared in a flash and throwed a Molotov at Ares' and Johnny's direction. It landed on a car that was very close to them, but they backed off far away from it.

"We need to move! We need to find those soldiers!" screamed Ares firing his rifle at another enemy posistion near a coffee shop. Suddenly, a pickup tuck carrying seven men, all armed to the teeth appeared out of nowhere. All of the men got out and fired at them.

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