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Default We should eliminate the Century Arms AK-47 bullpup page

Century Arms International aka C.A.I. is a wholesaler, importer, Distributor of guns. They don't build them.

Century Arms, the Distributor, bought off all of the remaining inventory of K-VAR'S bullpup kits for the AK rifle, called the AKU-94. The Kit itself is called the AKU-94, it does not denote a new rifle. Just like Muzzelites' kits for the Ruger Mini-14 are called the MZ14, that's just the name of the product (stock) not a name for a separate and new gun.

So Century Arms is 'sprucing up' a bunch of their AKs they have in the warehouse with these KVAR Bullpup stocks. They are not new guns and MOST of the AKs with Bullpup stocks seen in films were done BEFORE Century started doing this practice.

Any rifle with a KVAR AKU-94 stock should just be an addendum to the AK-47 page, since those can fit either AKMs or Type 56s (and unless the sight hood is visible and unaltered) you can't tell the difference what type of AK is inside.

Thoughts? Comments?
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