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Not sure what to tell you about the Mac issue. I work on both a Mac and a PC and haven't had any issues with either. As for the multiple uploads, we upgraded the MediaWiki software in the fall (September, maybe October, don't remember) and the extension wasn't compatible with the new software. Bunni already rewrote a few extensions to make them compatible but I think we decided to scrap that one because of the amount of work that would be required to make them compatible.

Your images have been one of the biggest contributions by an individual user so if there is anything we can do to help you get them up on the site let me know. (This includes having you just throw them in an E-mail and having me upload them for you by the way.) The strategy I have been using is to just write the code on a page and then click the red link to upload. So for example, lets say you had 5 new pictures of AR-15s. Rather then using the multi-upload, I would just type:


Then when you save the page you get 5 red links. Clicking them takes you to an upload page. When you upload the file it automatically saves it to the correct file name (AR-15-1.jpg, AR-15-2.jpg, etc). In the end it ends up not being much more work than the multi-upload interface. Either way you have to actually type the code at some point. This way you are basically just doing the code first. I know you like to keep copies of all your images on your user page, so my thought would be you could just add the code at the end of your page?

Hope that helps. I will also continue to look into the multi-upload interface. For the moment, I would proceed with the assumption it is not coming back but there is always a chance we can resurrect it.

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