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My advice would be don't go to CA. As that isn't really an option it seems, SKS or something of the like works - IF you can manage to jump through all the hoops to where it's ok. I like the idea of a lever-gun though for home defense I've always been a fan of the shotgun. Plenty of power and less worry about over-penetration. That and in the case of pump guns they almost always dodge most of the even looniest loony liberal firearms laws without a bunch of dancing like you have to do with 'evil' rifles.

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Looking into the wording of that ban it kind of reads like they banned it because they misunderstood what it was. It reads "The factory brochure claims that the grenade launcher launches a 22 mm (approximately .80 caliber) grenade." To me this reads as if they banned it based on the "the barrel or barrels of which have a bore of more than one-half inch in diameter" part of the DD definition. This is not the case with this gun though, as the 22mm is the external rather than internal diameter.
Well, you'd be right. Sense is the one critical thing those who write and signed off on those laws seem to seriously lack. After all, they were the same ones who decided to ban guns 'by name' rather than by type or features first, almost solely because they truly thought only certain brands of guns were causing violent crime - And when they did, gunmakers simply renamed their models and thus were in full compliance even though many of 'banned' firearms actually changed little if at all. Anyone using the slightest bit of rational and intelligent reasoning rather than charged emotion and sheer arrogance would have seen that's what would have happened, but whatever.

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Also, and this is a more general US gun law question, can a state deem something to be a destructive device? Isn't this defined by the NFA and overseen by the BATF, not the California DOJ? Granted, they could still ban the firearm by name but that isn't what they did in this case.
Evil Tim has it in a nutshell - Individual states can make their own exclusions in addition to the existing federal regs. Thus yes while there are 'federal' classified destructive devices a state could also have 'destructive device' laws of their own, if they so choose.
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