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Default How I became an armorer...

Hello folks,
As you might have read on my profile, I'm an airsofter, and that means I have some nice-looking no-legal-fuss gun replicas on hand for various purposes. There's also a hobby group of photographers, make-up artists and models in my city, who organized a Shadowrun-themed photoshoot last month. Since I'm a RPG geek too, I chimed in, offering to drop by, bring some toys and pose for photos.
Cue "bag full of guns". I grabbed pretty much everything I had, dumped it into a duffel bag and dragged it downtown. The funniest part was a 5' girl with latex elf ears, wielding a monstrous 8" revolver with an Aimpoint slapped on top. Makes me wonder why they always go for the biggest ones.
After that, I jokingly said that one or two more sessions like that and I'm gonna be introducing myself as the group's official armorer, most probably expanding my collection in the process. Some handguns, one classic pump shotgun and an AR can only get me so far, and I want something new anyway. For example, I don't have a Desert Eagle yet (that one's easy since the Chinese cloned it recently) and my revolver collection isn't too impressive either (and Tanaka ones are pretty expensive). And I'm thinking about some kind of transport case for it, preferably wheeled (I have an idea to build one from a milsurp fiberglass crate, detachable set of wheels and some foam, it'll set me back only $100 or so and fit everything I have).
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