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Originally Posted by ManiacallyChallenged View Post
I know you said you weren't doing gun image requests anymore, and that opening with a sentence like this won't improve my chances but...

Do you own in your fantabulous collection a Franchi PA3? All the pictures of it on the site(both of 'em) are terrible and it keeps popping up on pages I read or make. If you could possibly take a bit o' time and take a picture of it, I would pretty much love you forever.

Thanks for even one iota of consideration!
Thanks but if I did have one, I would have photographed it already. You are so right, those pics SUCK!!!! What drives me crazy is that one of my peers offered to send me a photo of his PA3. What I got was a horrible cellphone camera pic that was GREEN and blurry and 1/3 was cut off and it was at an oblique angle. WTF? Wow. I appreciate the effort, but never posted it.

(I can post about this now since he admitted to me "yeah that picture sucked didn't it")
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