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Originally Posted by ManiacallyChallenged View Post
So, I'm on vacation for Spring Break. Went a bit East to visit my grandpa in Idaho.

Fishing trip got canceled because of the high wind, so we went to Cabela's. Wow! There aren't any Cabela's where I'm from, so it was new to me.
Awesome place!

One of their used guns on the rack was a WASR, which was pretty solid, if in rough shape. The three pieces of wood were three different types entirely.

They also had something only identified as "1873 Trapdoor" which I could tell was old () but I do not know what it was.

Oh well. It's a good day if I get to touch some old guns.
Oh you went to the Cabelas in Boise. I live about twenty miles from that store. Love the gun library and I really like the Elmer Keith museum and the double rifles - even though they are wayyy out of my league.

I've bought a couple used guns from them in the past. They're not unreasonable when it comes to the prices and they'll usually cut you a fair deal if you want to sell some of your guns to them.
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