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Excalibur's reasoning further supports why a vanilla M4 makes the most sense; it does everything pretty okay rather than some things better than others.

Swappable uppers would be cool, but it probably wouldn't be something he would carry with him and swap at will, especially with your application parameters. He would be just as well suited with one gun than with one and a half. If your range increased, then I would recommend something else, but with your parameters, one upper is fine.

As for Commando's comments on 6.5 and 6.8, in order to run those cartridges, you'd need a custom gun or an obscure rifle chambered for them, and a supply of magazines and ammunition which, again, oversteps the parameters of the character to no real benefit other than having a semi-snowflake gun (which isn't ideal, especially in a lone wolf scenario). To that same point, even with 6.5's existence during the timeframe and 6.8's fielding, I highly doubt that they were ubiquitous enough to be effectively obtained by the character in large quantities, whereas 5.56 was, is and always will be.
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