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Originally Posted by Sasquatch the Reaper View Post
On another note, it makes sense for a person (fictional character), if they had different duties, to have two different uppers for their AR, right? They'd have the same lower, would save the hassle of carrying more than one type of rifle ammo, and would have a pretty versatile weapon, right?
Do you mean on a mission, or in a country? If you mean in a country, then yes. For example, I know that the UK special forces have long barrel and short barrel uppers for their L119A1 carbines which they switch depending on the mission.

If you mean would it make sense to carry an extra upper on your back if you wanted to make a long distance shot or something, then no. Manufacturers over the years have tried to tout the idea of switching uppers out for different needs on the fly, but as far as I know it has never been done like this. You would be much better off just carrying a second whole weapon. You don't want to have to be stripping down your rifle in the field, and fumbling to get the bolt out of one weapon and in the other being defenceless the whole time.
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