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Originally Posted by Mandolin View Post
I'm pretty sure the Mk.12 is semi-only, Kris Kyle mentioned in his book that after he got back from sniper school, he put his Mk.12 upper on an M4 lower. Partially for the collapsible stock and partially for the full-auto option. He never went full-auto with it, but he wanted the option.
I think it is vary variable. Originally the Mk 12 SPR was just an upper kit and it was used with M16A1 or M4A1 lowers (M16A2 and M4 burst lowers have a worse trigger), and later it was made with a dedicated lower. I don't know but I would guess that these later ones were semi only. If you look at our stock images, the SPR prototype and the first Mod 1 image both use M16A1 receivers which would have full auto.
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