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I'd skip the offset iron sights and just have a little red dot on top of the scope, or just go with an Aimpoint/EOTech plus magnifier. And 5.56 all the way.

So, basically what everyone else said.

Originally Posted by Yournamehere View Post
They are basically what .40 S&W would be compared to 9mm if it was never adopted by the FBI, or what .357 SIG is compared to 9mm now.
And the FBI is dumping the .40S&W for 9mm now.
Originally Posted by commando552 View Post
A Mk 12 SPR would make sense to me, as it was (at that time) used by the military, has a compromise 18" barrel, and is pretty modular for accessories. If the weapon is illegally procured and is a real military one, this also has the advantage of still having a full auto lower receiver.
I'm pretty sure the Mk.12 is semi-only, Kris Kyle mentioned in his book that after he got back from sniper school, he put his Mk.12 upper on an M4 lower. Partially for the collapsible stock and partially for the full-auto option. He never went full-auto with it, but he wanted the option.
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