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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
Yeah, I'm single (serious relationship didn't survive the deployment), and my overseas contract doesn't expire until the end of the month - I built up a hell of alot of leave over the past two years! Lest you think I'm completely irresponsible with my money, I also saved a down payment on a house while I was over there - once I get a decent job I'll be buying my folk's house from them (at full market value, unfortunately).

And if it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty jealous of your Colt-buying wife! My ex was not so supportive.
Oh I figured you were responsible. It's only been in the past ten years that I've been able to afford purchasing firearms on a steady basis. For the first eleven years my wife and I were together I literally added two firearms to my collection. A Sig P220 (45acp) in 92 and my Lithgow Lee Enfield Mk III* in 99. That was it. So at the start of my collecting (or accumulating) career in 2000 I owned seven firearms. What's interesting is I still own five of those pieces.

Yes my wife has come a long ways since we started dating in 1988. Back then just being around a firearm would give her the heebie jeebies. The one time she fired my father's Colt Woodsman she started shaking and crying. But that was twenty-two years ago. While she isn't a gun buff she can certainly handle my Colt Detective Special and Browning Buckmark without losing control of her emotions.

I've learned to watch Broadway musicals and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She's learned a thing or two about handguns and can even catch the occassional gun goof in a movie now.

It's a marriage.
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