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This was actually the first gun I bought since I came home - a Mexican Mauser M1904 carbine in 7mm Mauser, made by DWM. It's a true cavalry carbine, with no bayonet lug and side mounted swivels, and quite short. Mexican Mausers are very hard to find, but espescially ones that date to the revolution - 10 years of heavy fighting in the hands of irregular troops is not exactly the recipe for a high survival rate. It's been rearsenalled several times, and the Mexican crest and receiver markings can only be seen under good light, but it's in great shootable condition.

Interestingly, this was sold to me as a Mexican-made M1910 carbine, but when I got it you can see it's a German-made contract gun. Which is both rarer and far more interesting, as production of the M1910 didn't really get up to speed until the 20s, after the revolution was essentially over.
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