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Originally Posted by Nyles View Post
I really see the appeal of Glocks as a military or police pistol - they’re light, simple and reliable. It wouldn’t be my first choice personally and it would certainly not be the only pistol I owned, but if you’re going to be giving out a bunch of them to people whose main job is not to use a weapon and who probably won’t get much training on it, it makes sense.

I got precisely zero training through the army on the Hi Power before being issued one, and afterwards just had a one of the infantry guys run me through TOETs on it, and I definitely wasn’t the only one. My unit had several NDs with pistols during my deployment and I’m not saying they wouldn’t have happened with Glocks but it might have helped.
Back when I was a firearms instructor with my agency I found the Glock to be a very simple pistol to teach new officers how to use. Shooting, maintenance and so forth.
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