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Originally Posted by MT2008 View Post
Where did you find your Colt 723 upper (what manufacturer)? If you want my advice: I'd go with one of those Colt scope clones that Brownell's is offering for now. You can get a good discount if you know where to look (people post the codes on Arfcom), whereas an old-school Aimpoint is probably gonna cost you no matter what, since they're out of production.

I debated doing a Colt 723 or 727 build (especially after seeing Larry Vickers' 723 SFOD-D clone), but ultimately decided instead to tackle a1990s/early-2000s movie M4 as my next clone project because Brownell's had a sale on the 14.5" Colt 6920 uppers. This will be my second movie gun clone, after my "Sicario" Daniel Defense M4A1.
Correction it's a 733 upper. I'm not sure who made it. There are no manufacturers marking on it. Possibly a good thing as when I got it there was a CAR-15 flash hider rockset on it. I found that out after I cut said flash hider off. Thankfully the threads were fine. The receiver is 'A2 spec so it is sort of a frankenupper in any case. I bought it because I wanted a retro style upper to test out. So far the thing is Impressivly accurate for having 'A2 Irons. The only thing it chokes on is Russian steel cased 5.56 with some sort of nasty coating on it that clogs the chamber.
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