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I had a bit of a supplier problem for the Geissele URGI (as in, ran out of stock after I sent in my order). So, it never came, and I was refunded in full.

It's actually not the worst thing because Brownell's had a sale on the Daniel Defense M4A1 SOPMOD Block II clone build, so I wound up buying that instead, in light of my current interest in that particular build. My rifle is currently fitted with an EOTech XPS-3-0, Surefire M600DF, VTAC sling on QD swivels, and tons of Magpul accessories (MBUS sights, RVG, ladder rail covers, etc.) I'll post pics in a bit.

I need recommendations for a new charging handle and bolt extension. I was thinking about buying a BCM Gunfighter for the charging handle. For the bolt release, I thought about a Magpul BAD, but it seems as though the YouTube video reviewers I've watched have stories about them coming loose without LocTite.
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