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Default Shooter (starring mark wahlberg) question

i was just looking at the list of guns used in the movie Shooter, starring mark Wahlberg and i noticed that the list is incomplete, you have listed every gun used in the movie, except the gun the whole movie is based around... the gun used to kill the arch bishop, and start the whole confrontation in the first place. it is shown as a remote controlled turret type weapon, Nick Memphis looks it up in a chat room then finds a website demonstrating the gun in the middle of the movie, but all i can catch is that the guy in the chat room calls it an "M-3" when i search that online, it brings me to results for regular rifles, not a tripod based remote control turrets, any ideas guys?
Also, a funny, off topic comment. "as the net begins to tighten nation wide, there is still no sign of Bob Lee Swagger" heh thought that news comment in the movie is hilarious, how can the net tighten with no signs of the suspect? (not an actual question, just something that makes me snicker every time i watch the movie. :-P )

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