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I'm torn on that. The Gatling Gun Rifle from Aeon Flux walks the fine line. People 'could' think it is based on a real weapon and thus should be represented as something they could check on. Remember that the requirement that 'someone COULD think that it is based on a real weapon' is very flexible for people who don't have the same depth of knowledge as many of our experienced members.

What I don't like are fictional guns which are artwork. Guns from ANIME or Videogames can be anything. Seriously. The artist has free reign to do whatever they want .... create any idiotic hybrid that they want. The difference is that in movies and TV, someone had to BUILD the prop, so it's either real or based on a real gun or complete fantasy. But in Anime & VG, an artist just has to think it up and draw it. Whoopie Doo! Even if the weapon is based on a real gun, I don't think the general public would ever care, nor wonder if it was.

We're here to dispel myths, rumors and falsehoods. This started as the FILM weapon database and it was supposed to dispel urban myths about movie guns.

I'm for eliminating any fictional weapon listing that is not a 3 dimensional prop (that is except for items that are really famous and firmly embedded in the public mind, like the BFG). Thoughts?
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