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Originally Posted by MoviePropMaster2008 View Post
But you should be thankful that the Messiah is on, versus that crappy Jack Bauer! Phooey on Capitalist Jack Bauer! Killing those innocent terrorists! Soon you will be declaring yourself a 'gun free zone', full of hope and optimism and socialism.....
Actually, I'm beginning to think that Jack's going soft on us. I've been a bit dismayed lately by some of the stuff I've seen in this season of "24". Like, "President Taylor" giving one of those lame public service announcements about how global warming is such a serious threat during a commercial break. And the fact that the show's writers are obviously concerned about being seen as "racist" for making a black African warlord the villain, so they have to include an evil PMC as the over-arching conspirator behind the attacks. And now, they also have to show Jack expressing remorse for being a badass.

I'm starting to worry that the next season will have Jack taking an hour break in the middle of the "day" to watch "Sex and the City" with Chloe and Renee. Or maybe Kiefer Sutherland will start appearing in L'Oreal commercials. Excuse me while I run off and vomit...
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