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Originally Posted by k9870 View Post
The israeli government is jewish because the people electing the officials are jews. There is tolerance there though. Jews, muslims and christians all live in israel with equal rights.

I was saing that of course the israeli government comes off as jewish because most of their citizens are jews, our gov comes off as christian since thats what most of the voters/elected people are.
Living in a walled off compound, blocked off from free trade, with soldiers free to break into your home and demolish it at will is not freedom or equal rights. Israel is not a secular state with a majority Jewish population, like the USA is a secular state with a majority Christian population. It is a Jewish state, run by Jews, for Jews, using Jewish law. They changed the name from the ethnically neutral "Palestine" to the Hebrew language "Israel", stuck the Star of David on their flag, they even have special Orthodox-only neighborhoods that are supported financially by the state. If Jews wanted to live in Palestine because of their religious birthright beliefs, they could have just worked, with international cooperation, to create a multicultural, secular regime. But no, they didn't do that, that was never the goal. Zionism is the belief that Israel is for Jews only. They invaded Palestine, created a government antithetical to a majority of the native population (most first generation Israelis were immigrants from Europe), and then went to war when other legitimate nations tried to expel them for being a foreign-born military coup.

Also, let's not forget who Israel was BFF's with way back in the day, South Africa. When the entire civilized, Western world decided that South Africa needed to be brought in line, Israel didn't just abstain and continue to do business with them, they adopted South Africa's apartheid tactics for social control.