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Thanks for the information about Ran and its pinkish muzzle flashes. Which pyrotechnic colouring chemicals are corrosive, exactly?

As a concrete example, the Chiappa Rhino 50DS used by Kate Beckinsdale from Total Recall (2012) had blue muzzle flashes (even though every other firearm in that film had conventional muzzle flashes). Let's suppose that, instead of relying on digital post-processing to turn muzzle flashes blue, they used special chemicals in the blanks. Wikipedia claims that the chemicals to make flames turn blue are copper-based, which shouldn't normally be corrosive, otherwise leftover copper from jacketed bullets would corrode gun barrels. Just how much more expensive would it be to use those chemicals?

There are times when CGI muzzle flashes don't really cut it. If it's an indoor area or a scene where there are walls or similar environmental objects close to the gun being fired, those objects usually won't light up with the muzzle flash (because lighting up the area with the properly-coloured light or doing so via CGI needs more out of a budget), which is fairly noticeable. Of course, if the background itself is largely CGI, such as in the Star Wars prequels, then it's easier to get the needed "environmental lighting" with CGI.

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