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Actually the Model 10 and Model 15 - along with most all the other K-frames - have numerous differences from each other besides just the sights - some of are visual (tapered/bull barrels, socketed/shrouded eject rods, cylinder lengths) and some aren't (the duty and target guns have slightly different actions) - As such, they aren't nearly identical pieces and indeed are just different enough to not combine together. Do that and you may as well combine all the K-frames into one page. Which you can do certainly but honestly I don't see the need - At best it does nothing, at worst I think would be counter-intuitive given over time we have made great pains to be more specific and discriminating on gun IDs and gun pages rather than less. FCM I think has it much closer though with combining the stainless/blued variants as that is indeed the only difference between those 'models'. But like said they're already there, so.. well I don't see the harm in just leaving 'em.

As for the Taurus' there likewise are probably other differences between the two that aren't obvious, but I'm not certain as I haven't been exposed to Taurus' much. But if not.. then I suppose you could conceivably pair them together.

The thing with the HKs and the Smith autos as I understand is that we do group guns within a model family/series - But that doesn't necessarily mean we group different models proper in one page. The USP and USP Tactical are more variant distinctions rather than proper separate models, same with the blued 3914/5904 and stainless 3913/5906 of the S&W, etc. At least that's how I see it, even though they are all technically different models. Even then though we have exceptions that fly in the face of that - I think the the older Smith autos are split between blued and stainless versions. And of course mentioning the SIGs there's glaring contradiction there - a SIG 229 is certainly not anywhere identical to a 220, even though they're of the same 'series'. And there are other glaring exceptions elsewhere. Bah, like anything else it just seems to be a couple/few loose standards applied particularly to each thing on a case-by-case basis. But I guess at some point that fun train would have to stop somewhere, heh.

Anyway back to the post - Unless someone who knows Taurus' can speak well.. I don't see the harm in leaving things as they are, though I suppose it makes little if any difference one way or the other. At least in that instance. The precedent it might set though.. well guess we burn that bridge when we get to it. As if we didn't have enough with the new folks pestering us about changing other mostly otherwise pointless and harmless things on the site.
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